RTLinux-gpl FTP repository

This server provides support to:
  1. The FTP repository.
  2. Browse the cvs repository.
  3. RTLinux Mailings list
  4. Current RTLinux Mailings list Archive
  5. RTLinux Mailings list Archive April 1998 to December 2001
  6. Anonymous CVS access via pserver.

    Instructions to connect to the cvs server:
    $ cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@ftp.rtlinux-gpl.org:/var/cvs login
    Logging in to :pserver:anoncvs@ftp.rtlinux-gpl.org:2401/var/cvs
    CVS password: anoncvs
    $ cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@ftp.rtlinux-gpl.org:/var/cvs co rtlinux-3.2-rc1
    $ cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@ftp.rtlinux-gpl.org/var/cvs logout
    Logging out of :pserver:anoncvs@ftp.rtlinux-gpl.org:2401/var/cvs

RTLinux-gpl Mailing list

  1. The Mailing list for technical discussions on RTLinux/GPL is hosted by Coupon Cowboys.

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